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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

DP Visuals Pricing varies based on time of shooting, editing, and other factors. Call or email today to find your estimated quote for your special occasion!

Where are you located?

While DP Visuals primarily shoots in Central Florida, we are mobile and able to travel to any state or country. We have experience in places like Florida, Tennessee, Kansas, Georgia, Connecticut, New York and even Jamaica!

What kind of equipment do you use?

We are a company that uses Sony cameras with a variety of different lenses. We use DJI drones for aerial coverage, as well as Tascam & Sennheiser Audio equipment. 

How does livestreaming work?

Whether you pick livestream as an add-on, or as the sole service, we offer high quality audio and visual while utilizing Zoom. We then send a link ahead of time and when the time comes, everyone has accessibility to your live event.

What Add-ons do you offer?

There is a number of extra add-ons we offer. For example, we offer: closed-caption, live-stream, added hours, raw footage, additional critiques, fast pass editing, same-day highlight edit.

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